Paint Touch-Up

Our Paint System is tailored to work directly with our services; RestorFX and ClearFX. This System ensures that deep chips and dings in the vehicle are fixed and repaired so that the beauty of the new gloss on the vehicle is not marred by remaining damage in the paint body. While some attempt to fill these chips and dings by using a small paint brush, we feel that this system has many flaws – the main one being that liquid, when simply placed on a surface, tends to form a spherical shape and these chips, when filled with a small brush, are typically left with “globs” instead of chips. Rather than filling in chips with globs of paint, our Paint System places paint inside the chip with a process that results in a flush even finish. No globs, just a nice even fill. This System works well for most paint chips and the salt and pepper look which develops on most hoods from small pebbles after a lot of highway miles (“road rash”). This System, combined with RestorFX, will ensure that the quality of the car is top-notch and looks excellent.

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