ClearFX Automotive Protection™

Like all paint finishes, once a vehicle’s finish has been restored using RestorFX, it is still susceptible to regular, everyday, wear and tear, scuffs and scrapes. Using the newest and most superior technology, ClearFX will further protect that vehicle from such occurrences.

ClearFX is the finishing touch and extra layer of protection that a vehicle needs once it has been fixed and filled with RestorFX and Paint Touch-Up, respectively. Simply think of ClearFX as the screen protector on a new cell phone or as a super-wax over a nice paint job. It provides a vehicle’s brilliant new finish with a stalwart shield against further damage.  ClearFX improves the resistance and longevity of a paints finish.  It leaves a high intensity of visual clarity and color contrast once cured.  The resulting surface is an extremely scratch-resistant layer of high-gloss protection that lasts for years and won’t wash off!



(cars & small SUVs)



(Small trucks, mid size SUVs)



(Large SUVs, Trucks)