Who are we?

RestorFX Utah

RestorFX Utah is much more than just an auto detail shop.  We have the industry finest tools and products to help get any car back looking as new as possible.  From small details to full refinishes we have products you’ll love at extremely strong price points.

Simply put…

We’re shaping the future of the auto detail industry.

In just a few hours, RestorFX changes the aesthetic appearance of a vehicle so dramatically… its owners are often rendered speechless. RestorFX’s technology is changing the detailing industry by saving time, improving results and providing a longer-lasting pristine finish.

RestorFX and ClearFX

The Products…

Our flagship product is our permanent chemical adhering paint restoration system, RestorFX, which utilizes the newest technologies to completely restore all paint and clear coat damage to bring back the shine and luster the car once had when brand-new. It’s permanent, efficient and consistent; it is the highest quality, most advanced restoration system on the market today.

We also offer ClearFX, a specifically engineered protection product that improves the resistance and longevity of your vehicles paint.  ClearFX leaves a high intensity of visual clarity and color contrast once cured and provides an extremely scratch-resistant layer of high-gloss protection that lasts for years and won’t wash off.

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